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Benefit Package Design

  • Medical – Health insurance brings with it a large cost to the corporation along with a high value to the employee, and should be a focal point for determining what broker you use. Our core concern is to have the knowledge, products, and craftsmanship to design the most useful health plan options achievable.
  • Dental – Our approach to dental is different than most brokers. This is one area where cheaper is usually not better. In fact, a small amount of premium increase may make an exponential difference in the utilization and satisfaction of the dental plan to propel a minor benefit to become a major highlight of the benefits package.
  • Vision – We implement our own proprietary Eye Med vision plan for most of our clients. With a large consortium of members teamed together on the same plan, the plan affords high-coverage at a low-cost plan (delete), and maintains very stable rates.
  • Ancillary Health – These products and services can be used to enhance an overall Health Insurance package and make the base features more cost-effective. Our office uses GAP plans, Tele-medicine, RX analyzer, HRA and other ancillary products in this capacity.
  • 401k and Pension – Our people, products, and processes deliver value-added services to give plan sponsors and participants more options and opportunities when saving for retirement.
  • Workers Compensation – Your plan should be consistently managed for cost and quality. We offer a “Pay as You Go” program to best help you maintain your cash flow and expenses at budgeted levels.
  • Voluntary – Our umbrella Accident and Critical Illness package is designed to cover a broad array of contingencies and is an excellent complement to the overall employee benefit package.


Latest News

May 2, 2017

My son, Quenton, did a Mother’s day song and video with some friends. We hope you enjoy.

Please click on the Video link for a quick tutorial on how to best utilize the GAP plan through Transamerica.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTVx4AjB-qRrYi6uz3hgNIQ

November 19, 2016

Darrel’s son, Quenton, age 13, sings timely Christmas rendition of Love is the Answer.

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