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Q: What type of client are you looking for?


We are equipped to work with any employer of any size in any industry.  We are actively seeking to work with small businesses in the Phoenix metro area that have concerns with their current benefit package or with the level of service they are receiving.


Q: Why would a business select your firm to work with?


There are many competent and caring benefits firms.   Financial Health, Inc. is one of those competent and caring firms.  We are somewhat unique in that we have the personnel and other resources to provide any vital or urgent support that is needed, but yet we are nimble and driven to offer customized support and treat all our clients like a big fish in a small pond.


Q: How do you decide what recommendations will be made?


We look to determine your distinct needs and objectives and find specific solutions to fit those objectives.  We are familiar with the concerns and issues that most small businesses face, and have the flexibility and choices in our arsenal to create satisfaction for employers and employees alike.


Q: Are you able to provide references from existing and former clients?


We have clients in most industries and locations in the Valley that we can give as a reference for you to contact.


Q: Who will be working with our account?


We do not have clerical-type customer service representatives, but rather we have dedicated account partners.  Most of our clients work directly with the President of our firm along with an Account Executive who shares in the responsibility and revenues of the client.  This approach fosters engagement, stability, and friendship.


Q: Does your office assist with open enrollment or offer any customized support?


We can assist your group in any fashion or with any level of support.  Some employers use our office particularly for mediation or problem solving.  Many clients use us for all administration – from enrollment to termination and direct service to each individual employee.


Q: Will your office assist with claim resolution and/or problems?


We have special, concierge-level administration authority with several insurance companies.  We always prefer to initiate the conciliation process through our administrative connections rather than have an employer or employee try to solve on their own.


Q: What are the costs of your services?


Payments to a broker are generally already included in the plan packages from the insurance company.  Those payments provide sufficient compensation to our office for most services.  If there is any additional cost, we will present that up front for an approval.


Q: What changes do you see on the horizon for healthcare in general?


There will be new burdens on employers to conform with additional regulations and compliance.  There will be pressures for employer and employee to manage inflationary trends including shared financial responsibility most likely resulting in increased withholding and higher out-of-pocket possibilities for employees.  Providers will most likely see stagnant payments and additional oversight along with consolidation and narrowing of current provider networks.  There will be focused efforts in employee wellness and prevention along with increased enrollment in government-sponsored health insurance plans.  Our office can help you navigate through these changes and hopefully, help your company realize a sustainable, competitive advantage.



Q: What does the Affordable Care Act mean for you?


There will be much uncertainty accompanying the ACA (Obamacare) implementation.  This uncertainty will most likely extend through 2014 and 2015.  Prior to the ACA, there was no law that required employers to provide health insurance coverage to employees and no law that required individuals to buy it for themselves. Both have changed. The law requires employers with more than 50 full-time employees to provide affordable insurance or pay a penalty – $2,000 per employee per year starting in 2015. US citizens not eligible for Medicaid or other public programs must purchase health insurance or pay a penalty that is the greater of $95 or 1 percent of the difference between the household’s taxable income and tax threshold, increasing annually for three years. The law also added a number of new regulatory constraints on how health insurance plans operate, adding new rules at the federal level and vesting responsibility in states to implement a number of major structural changes including Medicaid expansion and creation of health insurance exchanges. So while the industry is likely to see increased coverage as a direct result of the ACA, it also faces additional compliance and oversight from state and federal regulators.  Our office can help you with this compliance and provide educational and technical tools for the employer and employees and their families.


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